Management of Innovation and Business Development

Management of Innovation and Business Development

Management of Innovation and Business Development

In times of the global economic crisis and the shrinking labour market, creating your own business may be a smart choice. During this programme students will learn how to develop ideas for a new business, start a company and develop it.

The main focus of the programme is on entrepreneurship and innovation management. Skills for effective business collaboration and leadership will be nourished. Students will be guided how to manage a company with creativity and how to systematically learn from the best. Comprehensive training in business supporting IT tools compliment the programme.

Students will learn to prepare business plans, make budgets, manage innovation and organise business development projects.

The programme will be run with the active participation of successful entrepreneurs from our region.


  • Increasing your potential on the global labour market (working abroad)
  • Gaining competitive advantage on the local labour market
  • Opportunity to learn business English and increase language competence in general
  • Opportunity to take part in a new, attractive undertaking


In the programme content new courses reflecting the most current world trends in research and management teaching are included. Examples:

Business lab – carried out by successful entrepreneurs from our region

Business communication and academic writing – courses aiming at increasing students writing skills in English and preparing them to writing diploma theses

Business start-up, Entrepreneurship, Market research – courses including practical aspects of starting and running own company

Management of innovation – key course on innovation performed
by the practitioner – specialist in this field

Benchmarking for competitive advantage – a course focused on how to learn from the best

Corporate foresight, Business forecasting – courses concentrated on future oriented management including qualitative and quantitative methods

New information technologies and multi-media tools, Strategic modelling and business dynamics, Computer tools in financial planning – indispensable in business courses oriented on computer skills and ICT usage